Feedback from Leadership Seminar


March 15 leadership seminar image ready

Here are the testimonials from coaches who attended one of our leadership seminars.

The Sportsleader event our team leaders attended this past Saturday was a remarkable experience! If you are new to Sportsleader or have been involved for awhile, the experience of bringing your leaders together at this time of year and challenging them to begin immediately to bring your team together is of immense value for the coming season and of great help to those individual players. The players and coaches were given practical skills and activities that they can immediately implement with their squads. The leadership training was extremely well done and kept the players very engaged. I highly recommend! If leadership is important to your success, work on it and don't just hope the best or think that it will happen without support.

Steve Frommeyer 
Asst. Football Coach 
St. Xavier HS 
Louisville, Ky.

On March 15, my coaching staff and I had the pleasure of hosting a Leadership Seminar sponsored by SportsLeader on our campus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lou Judd and his team did a fantastic job of framing the concept of leadership and how it pertains to our students-athletes today. The content allowed for all of us to begin the process of knowing ourselves and each other on a deeper, more meaningful level. For us, this was very important since we believe everything starts with relationships—without a meaningful relationship, leadership and other virtues can be very fleeting. The conversation revealed that we did not know each other as much as we thought we did and that there was opportunity for growth throughout the program. Leadership is a skill that has to be developed intentionally, in our opinion. This seminar offers the necessary tools to help accomplish this mission and to become the best men that we can be.

Mike Orlando 
Head Football Coach 
Archbishop McNicholas High School

Pros, very good to open up about the boys emotions and how we can handle and control them

How its ok to show emotion

How the world is changing and to be a man is different now to 30 years ago.

Cons: very non soccer specific as leading by example is very big in soccer and you do not have to say anything to make the team more motivated. Remember Soccer is a free flowing sport with one team. Football has more than one team in its team!!!

Jason Peters 
Head Boys Soccer Coach 
Archbishop McNicholas High School


Hamilton really enjoyed the leadership event. It was well worth the money.

It was an opportunity for our kids that they would not have gotten if we didn't attend. It was good for them to participate with the kids from other schools.

The talk was powerful when we split up with our guys talking about God, parents, happy with in life, etc.

Chad Murphy 
Intervention Specialist 
Head Football Coach 
Hamilton High School

I want to say thank you for last Saturday. My group of young men thought it was amazing. On the way home on the bus they went through the book you gave us and started to pick activities out that they thought would help us. I have done some character builders with them before but nothing touched them or brought them more together than your program. We all agreed that the second break out session was so powerful and meaningful to all of us. We talked at our meeting yesterday about how as football players we work or try to perform with such high intensity and yet in our break out sessions and in the group activities the togetherness with ourselves and with the other teams was more intense or emotional than any other time in their careers. I have talked to other coaches and highly recommended your program to them. I also shared it in my grad classes with some basketball coaches from around the city. I will do what I can to spread the word and look forward to working more with you in the future.

Larry Kozlowski 
Deer Park Football


The Leadership seminar provided by Sportsleader and Lou Judd was tremendously beneficial. The small group workshops that our players participated in were inspiring. The interviews among teammates were very powerful. The seminar created a great sense of accountability and ownership amongst our Seniors as we move into the 2014 Season. I have the utmost respect for Mr Judd and Sportsleader. I highly recommend this seminar for your team.

George Kontsis 
Head Football Coach 
Walnut Hills High School