Honor & Class: These Young Ladies Are Inspiring

Honor and Class. Two virtues that are rare and instantly make a positive impression on us.

In our Strength for Life Manual

Honor - The strength to adhere to what is right.

Class - The strength to control one's feelings seeking the good of others especially after victory and defeat.

Check out this video about an inspiring group of young ladies, the St Theresa Lady Saints.

How can you practice the virtues of Honor and Class today? You can do a chore or a service which is typically assigned to someone else ... do it quietly and do it for them.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
Saving Lives Through Sports

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By Coach Kevin Cicak 
Head Coach St. Theresa Lady Saints

The St. Theresa Lady Saints compete in-season under the auspices of the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA CYO basketball program.

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We're also proud to be participants in the Sports Leader, Virtue = Strength mentoring program. By instilling the pursuit of virtues as a cornerstone of our program, we're not only building better players, we're helping church, school, and parents, with the formation of better people.

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Head Coach Kevin Cicak

The Lady Saints, 2013-14 edition finished the season #2 in the state of Pennsylvania. They delivered an unprecedented 9th Diocesan Championship banner to our gym. They logged a 33 & 5 overall record and provided Coach Cicak with his 400th CYO victory (and the 500th overall win in his coaching career, when we downed St. Ambrose at States).

We took the time to record a video for Sports Leader about VIRTUE = STRENGTH.

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We came together to help a family in need, and our Helping Hands for Emilia hoodies became our go-to gear throughout the season.

We gathered with our Moms and the most important women in our lives who made sure we knew we were special and oh so loved.

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We made the time to help disadvantaged students by working at the food bank, preparing power packs and then restocked the shelves for the next volunteers.

We then took time to honor our Dads and tell the men in our lives what we think and what we feel.

Then it was on to States where we conducted ourselves with honor and class, downing two worthy opponents before falling to a very talented home-town squad.

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So now we send eight talented players off to high school, eight wonderful young ladies who will be successful at whatever they set their minds to do. For 2014-2015, we will welcome back three seventh graders who will form the core nucleus of our next team of Lady Saints. Our Rising Stars squad finished 4th in that tournament, showing we have the combined talent to compete and have our work cut out for us to improve our skill level so we can excel.


The frequent use of the word "WE" above was deliberate. It best describes this team. No cliques or small groups, no BFFs, no us and them. It was WE... one for all and all for one. This team holds a special place in the hearts of the coaches and always will.

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On our Team...

We will encourage one another,

We will build one another up,

We will be at peace with each other,

We will seek to do good,

We will give thanks for the chance to compete,

We will rejoice win or lose,

We will give thanks to God,

On our Team.

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A phrase that Coach Cicak referenced a number times that helped inspire his team.


After finishing the regular league season 14 & 0, we were the #1 seed for our league tournament and the prohibitive favorite to win. In the league championship game, we lost to a team we had beaten handily twice. They played a great game and beat us. Despite disappointment, we made no excuses and we warmly congratulated them following the game, not just the usual two lines slapping hands after a game. We stayed on the floor and gave our opponents a standing ovation for their well-deserved win.

Fast forward to states where there was a huge controversy regarding the eligibility of the host diocese’s representative. This is a long story and what occurred was the antithesis of honor. Bottom line, we defeated two very good teams to earn a spot in the championship game versus the hometown team. We then fell to this team by 11 after leading by 6 at half-time. Again, we lined up on the baseline and applauded for our opponents.

And then I saw something happen that made me realize for the first time that we weren’t just changing ourselves on the team through acts of virtue, we changed our parents and fans as well. When other teams lost, their parents went after tournament officials bitterly complaining about eligibility issues. Harsh words were spoken and ugly examples were served up for the players to see. But after our loss, our parents joined us on the sideline. In the midst of our disappointment and some tears, our parents were supportive and loving, appreciative not only of the effort of our players that day but of the whole season. It was a very different experience than what we had witnessed in the games the two previous days.