When School Lets Out & A System of Camaraderie

Have you ever had the experience that your players are focused and growing in a positive direction when they are with you but then once the season is over or school lets out they fall off the wagon almost instantly?

I was doing a team retreat recently with a college team and a number of young men spoke about this … how they were kind of a mess before coming to school and joining the team, then they really immersed themselves, made great efforts to change their lives, be committed, etc … they had never been happier … but then school let out, they went home and within a week or two they were running with the wrong crowd and making tons of poor decisions.


This is a feature presentation coming to a theater near you.

School and sports provide a much needed structure, discipline, family, camaraderie … that we all need in our lives.

So I would like to encourage you to seriously consider creating a system of camaraderie & accountability for your players.

Talk to your team directly about this. Share some stories from your own personal experience.


Appoint accountability partners - brothers or sisters - if you will and encourage them to communicate with one another at least 2 or 3 times a week over the summer to help keep each other on the right path.

Ask them to share the following:

1. How they are spending their time
2. Job and job environment - the people they are working with
3. How much sleep they are getting
4. When, where, how they are working out
5. What goals they are accomplishing

But most importantly how they are doing.


One of the young men from the team I described above had every intention to stay on the straight and narrow. He was responsible, he got a job … but the guys he was working with were really negative. They drank and used women every night and of course they always invited him to join them. He resisted for a while but then he gave in and …

What if he had reached out to coach and his brothers on the team, told him of his situation, asked for help and encouragement … guys checked in on him, gave him ideas … created that living camaraderie … maybe that could have changed the story of his life.

If you need help with staff trainings, team retreats and leadership seminars … let us know.

Let’s build more camaraderie.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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