Why should I Follow YOU!?

There is a growing sentiment that there are too many leaders who love their POSITION as leader far more than the TEAM they are supposed to be leading. Often, they end up most caring most about THEMSELVES and what they are accomplishing; each current coaching job just another opportunity for another with more prestige and better pay. Teamwork is so important they preach, but it seems in their own case, it serves more as a MEANS to their ends of personal ambition/success. Make no mistake about it, that lesson is being driven home every day loud and clear, louder than any words to the contrary, that these leaders may say, the team IS secondary to the individual.

Evidently, there is an I in TEAM


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“He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.” John Maxwell

Let all of us leaders and coaches remember this quote. For what makes a leader is ALWAYS his/her followers. Followers that want inspiration, that want wisdom, that want attention, that want LOVE. Thus every leader must always take the time to reflect and ask, Who is following me? Why? Have I helped them? Have I developed them? Have I loved them?

Make no mistake about it, if we do forget this simple principle, soon we won't have any followers "to help".


We at SportsLeader have discovered the basic truth that many leaders/coaches don't do more for their followers because they simply don't trust their followers.There is just too much work and too much at stake to be interrupted. They lament, my followers are constantly messing up, anyways! They can't be trusted even if I do invest the time in them. With this being the case, it is always so entertaining to see what so many coaches discover at our Captains' Leadership Training sessions. 16 year-old captains addressing the group, 16 year-old captains holding their teammates accountable, and 16 year-old captains figuring out brain teasers BEFORE the all-wise coaches, to boot! Yes, you heard right.

Below is an example of a brain teaser we give the captains (we used this in our last training at Beavercreek H.S., Ohio back on April 5th) Do us a favor and take a few minutes to try to figure out how many squares are in the diagram.Time yourself and reply to me with your answer. I will reply back if you are correct. (If the image doesn't show up, it's a one big square with 4 x 4 rows of squares inside.)

16 squares

My point is not to condemn coaches, but that ALL OF US are underestimating and thus neglecting the talents of our team, far, far too frequently. There ARE great minds, great talents, great leaders on our teams that are begging to be empowered and included. We can't disregard them and complain that they are far too immature, lazy, and unfocused, writing them off before even giving them a chance. (and you were perfect when you were a young person?) Let's all of us, instead of complaining about the lack of leadership on our teams, decide to point our fingers at ourselves, AS LEADERS, and do something to improve our leadership for the sake of our TEAM.

For, if I discover that I am walking alone, I have nobody to blame but myself.

Chris Willertz 
More Than A Coach: SportsLeader!

Check out the picture of our young leaders in the making from our April 5th SportsLeader Captains' Leadership Training! A special thanks to coaches, Scott Clodfelter (Beavercreek H.S.), Adam Doenges (Sidney H.S.), Jason Christian (Cedarville H.S.), Mike Hetrick (Brookville H.S.), Bob DeLong (Xenia H.S.) and Sean Schooley (Xenia H.S.) for taking the time to BELIEVE!