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At SportsLeader we are constantly searching for ways to support coaches better. Recently, we've provided something for several of our coaches that has really helped them and their teams. It's called the 15 Words of Affirmation.


One SportsLeader Assistant Coach of the Week: Bill Dawson at Xenia H.S.

You did a great job!(5 words) Has anybody ever told you that you've done a great job? It makes you feel great, doesn't it? Being noticed, singled out and affirmed simply by doing good work goes so far. But why is it that so few people tell us this? Especially because it is so simple to say. Do yourself, your team, your family a favor and start using this phrase more. It can make a HUGE difference!


Moeller rugby players praying the "steps" at the Church of the Immaculata on Holy Thursday.

I NEED your Help! (4 words) Has anybody asked for your help? I mean, sincerely, asked for your help. It makes you feel important, doesn't it? You matter, you are needed, you are a part of the solution. These 4 words do so much to affirm and to produce and solve MORE. Again, it is so simple to do, as well. Do yourself, your team, your family a favor and start asking for their help MORE. You WILL empower them!

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Thomas More College football players and leadership council members: players being a part of the solution!

What's your opinion?(3 words) Has anybody asked for your opinion? It makes you feel like your voice counts. It gives you a chance to add your 2 cents (or more!), to be included. You MATTER! Too many leaders don't ask their teams their opinions on problems. We don't include them near enough and we are losing vital insights and potential solutions to our teams problems. AND we are missing out a great opportunity to affirm our players. Do yourself, your team, your family a favor and start asking for their opinions, more!


Sycamore Jr. High tennis player telling his mom.....THANK YOU!

Thank You!(2 words) We are taught from as soon as we can talk to say please and thank you. It's become cliche. Thus, many times it is NOT heartfelt. Take the time and tell the people in your life, MORE, thank you. Mean it! You will affirm those people, letting them know that you really do appreciate them, their existence, their essence.


WE!(1 word) We all can make difference, people! If all of us make a priority to make our teams "better" for our sakes, our players sakes, our player's parents sakes, our communities sakes, WE can change the world.

Start using the 15 words of affirmation, more, coaches. Because our players ARE doing a great job. We do need their help for the success of our teams. Their opinions do matter. And if we think about it, we ALL truly are grateful for the people on our teams that help us every day.

WE can make our teams better. SportsLeader wants to give a big THANK YOU to all of you that are working to make it happen!

Chris Willertz 
More Than A Coach...SportsLeader!