Are YOU a Big Fish?


On July 4th, 1776, a small group of radical American patriots decided to get serious about what they believed was right. Throwing caution to the wind, they decided to declare independence from Britain, risking their very lives for what was right.

Today, we celebrate those amazing radical American patriots for having the courage and faith to risk everything (including their lives!) for what was right.

Today, lets also celebrate all those amazing radical people that had the courage and faith to risk investing in US. Love and sacrifice IS alive and well today in America. Don't let anybody tell you different!

Saving Private Ryan

CLICK on Image to view Saving Private Ryan clip when John Miller tells Ryan to "EARN IT!"

Our American history is bursting with acts of heroism made by selfless people who rationalized modestly that "It was just the right thing to do." Probably, my favorite example of heroic sacrifice is by John Miller and his squad that save Private James Francis Ryan. How many more John Millers have served courageously (and our currently serving!) throughout our American existence disregarding their right to a comfortable life? Maybe the bigger question is why have WE NOT taken time to travel across an ocean with family in tow to give thanks in person? O, I wish I can serve so large that somebody would do the same for me!

Chuck Noll

CLICK on image to view story of Noll's funeral service/celebration.

Our American sports history is bursting with acts of heroism made by selfless people who rationalized modestly that "It was just the right thing to do." as well. Giving one's life for another in times of peace is as heroic as our multitudes of soldiers who have served our country so patriotically. People like Pittsburgh Steeler Hall of Fame football coach, Chuck Noll remind us that all of us are called to be everyday soldiers in the lives of the people God has put in our lives. As Bishop Zubik, presiding at Noll's funeral said:

“Let’s learn this lesson from coach, that we should all recognize what we can be, recognize what we are capable of doing and encourage other people to be their best. That’s greatness. And that’s why today we thank God for the coach.”


I want to be like our founding fathers. I want to be like John Miller. I want to be like Chuck Noll. I want to be a radical patriot. I want to risk everything for others. I want to dare incredible things. I want to be REMEMBERED! I don't have to be mourned by thousands (Lou Gehrig gave his Happiest Man on Earth speech today 75 years ago in front of 62,000 adoring fans, by the way) A few people that God commanded me to love beyond measure is enough for me. But those people will remember me forever. I will be immortal. I will be a "Big Fish".

Don't let people tell you there are no more Big Fish left; there ARE! Let's join our heroes, readers, and become those heroes our children, players, co-workers will tell stories about.

Happy 4th of July!

Chris Willertz 
More Than A Coach: SportsLeader!

*Check out the ending of the movie, Big Fish below. Is your life a LEGENDARY EVENT in your family's lives like in the clip? Let's all make sure it is!

Big Fish

These are the last ten minutes of the movie "Big Fish" when Edward Bloom dies and his son carries him to the river....