Coach, What's Wrong with this Picture?


A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

What is wrong with this picture and what does it have to do with coaching?


There is another common phrase, "one side does not fit all."

Every person is unique. Every person has a different story, different things that move, motivate, upset and enthuse them.


If we follow this example of the screwdriver (coach) and the screw (player) ... if you keep using-being the "Phillips Head" while your player is a "Flat 100+" ... you damage yourself and ruin the screw ...

This is why SportsLeader is so big into communication and team-building events ... so you can get to know your players as best you can.

After every event, every Coach that attends says, "I never knew that about so and so" or "That explains a lot" or "Now I understand that reaction" or "Now I realize I have to coach him/her differently."

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Research validates the “coach” as the most influential authoritative figure in the life of today’s young men and women.

Are you and your coaches using that influence effectively?

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