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Congratulations to Craig Reed, from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) who was the ONLY SportsLeader to answer correctly last week's Brain Teaser, turning Army into Navy in 8 steps:


Next week, I promise, we'll give you an easier one!


Why is it, that so many of us leaders(me included!) think we are teaching our people so remarkably? We consider ourselves such experts in our chosen fields of expertise, challenging ANYBODY to try to explain things as well as we do! If our messages of motivation, inspiration, tactics and strategy (brilliant aren't we?) somehow don't get communicated, how dare anybody insinuate that us and our delivery could be the problem. Instead, we insist, it MUST be the audience; what terrible learners we've been given!


Interestingly enough, I recently ran into some data that all of us coaches, teachers, school administrators should keep in mind. The statistics below show how wrong we can be as coaches when we blame our players for not "getting it". Too often, instead, it is OUR mistakes in delivering the material that stops them from "getting it". What a great reminder, for it IS and ALWAYS will be the teacher/coach who is MOST responsible for what the student learns.

The studies say that when it comes to a typical player/student/learner/adult retaining information from a teaching session beyond a 24 hour period: A teacher/coach using the following teaching methods can expect from their students:

Presenting info via: Lecture= 5% RETENTION 
Players gaining info via: Reading It= 10% RETENTION 
Presenting info via: Audio/Visual= 20% RETENTION 
Players gaining info via: Writing It Down= 30% RETENTION 
Presenting info via: Demonstration= 30% RETENTION 
Players gaining info via: Discussion Group= 50% RETENTION 
Players gaining info via: Spaced Repetition= 70% RETENTION 
Players gaining info via: Practice By Doing= 75% RETENTION 
Players gaining info via: Teaching Others= 90% RETENTION

This only makes sense. Think about it, how did you become most adept at being a teacher, or a coach or an administrator or being a parent?

On the job-TRAINING!

Why should we expect anything different for our players? This is whether they are learning to dribble, to tackle, to hit a ball, to have character OR knowing how to lead.


Moeller Team Rugby 2014: CLICK on image to check them out on FACEBOOK.

This past spring, Moeller H.S. Head Rugby Coach, Doug Rosfeld, did what the studies suggest in order to get the most from his players. Instead of doing the typical leadership "lessons" he decided to give his leaders a bigger stake. Naming eleven "pack leaders" and giving them the authority to coach, mentor, encourage and lead a 5-6 man "pack", Coach Rosfeld argued would truly teach leadership every day. Better yet, it would give the younger players a senior that could look out for them; supporting them and helping them through the trials of the physical and taxing sport of rugby.

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Moeller Rugby players taking a brief break for prayer while landscaping the famous "steps" at the Church of the Immaculata in downtown Cincinnati.

This leadership experiment has done wonders for team unity, empowered the seniors and exemplified leadership in action. The season went so well, that Coach Rosfeld dared to even have his "pack leaders" run the season-ending rugby banquet. Each senior leader introduced, affirmed and described each member of his "pack", then presented him his 2014 rugby award. The leaders did an amazing job! Talk about a culminating EVENT! Talk about leadership in action! (This IS a senior Pack Leader giving out the awards, wearing the cap, NOT an assistant coach!) 
Click on: for an example of one of the PackLeader presentations!


SportsLeader Coaches! We have so many players on our teams that are hungering to be MORE a part of the team. Of course, they are raw and inexperienced and will make mistakes. But if we take the chance to INVOLVE them MORE, they WILL improve and help our teams….. exponentially! If we choose not to trust them and continue not INVOLVING them, make no mistake, we ARE going to lose them.

We urge you at SportsLeader to be that person that takes a risk on their players… be that leader who's willing to take the time to MAKE leaders instead of just talking about it.

Chris Willertz 
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