The Head Coach Ego Check


We all need an “Ego-Check” from time to time, myself included. It is far too easy to lose perspective on things and get caught up in ourselves, our goals, our personal pursuits.

Here are some questions to help us reflect on whether or not we truly are “checking our ego at the door.”

The first question is pretty much the sum of all the other ones … in other words, are your Assistant Coaches and players there to serve you, your needs, your goals, your name … or are you there to serve them?

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
A Blueprint to build leaders on your team this season

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1. Do you have a servant relationship with your team, or do they have one with you?
2. After a loss do you look for the scapegoat …? Who can I blame so I don’t look as bad ...
3. Are you willing to try new things and work with others to help you in areas where you might not be as strong?
4. Do you listen to suggestions from your Assistant Coaches and/or players on how things could improve?
5. Are your Assistant Coaches and/or players afraid to bring anything to your attention because you have freaked out in the past?
6. Do you belittle/humiliate/embarrass new or younger Assistant Coaches and/or players in the presence of others?
7. Are you a person of your word? What you say you are going to do - you do?
8. Do you thank those who serve you? Or “it’s their job and they’re supposed to do that”?
9. Will you sit at a table/have dinner/socialize with an opposing coach?
10. Do you ask your assistant coaches: What can I do to help YOU?
11. Do you allow/attribute/give your assistant coaches the credit after victories or when things go right?
12. Do you say "I" or "we" most often when talking about your team/program?
13. Do you treat your Assistant Coaches the same in private as you do in public?
14. If you were forced to choose … it is an unfair choice but if you had to … A win or turning around the life of one player on your team … which one do you choose?

In the end, is it REALLY about the kids?

Or is it about you? Your program? Your job …?