What Comes From Your Mouth Comes From Your Heart


SportsLeader has been serving since 2004. Little by little we have been growing all over the country. We have been blessed to work with Universities, Schools, Leagues, Teams … from the largest to the smallest.

One coach that I have gotten to know over the years is Josh Niblett, the head football coach at Hoover High School in Hoover Alabama.


“I’ve been blessed with the emails SportsLeader sends over the past 5 years. Every nugget helps. We are by no means perfect and we are always looking for new ways, new tools, new resources to better serve the young men in our care. Coaching is not a job. It is a mission. A mission of love and effort.” - Josh Niblett


Josh has been the head coach at Hoover for 6 years now and he has taken the Bucs to the State Championship game every year, winning 3 titles and losing the other 3 by a combined 5 points …

His overall record at Hoover is 86-6.

Coaching is in his genes. His father, John, had an overall 256-135 record at several stops.

Suffice it to say that Josh knows how to coach football and he knows what it takes to win.


One thing that is not necessary in order to win is using profanity. Coach Niblett does not use profanity himself and doesn’t tolerate it from his coaches or players.

“What comes from your mouth comes from your heart,” said Niblett.

“There are times you’ve got to get on the kids and get them motivated and wake them up a little bit with some intensity in your voice. But I would never cuss a player. If I have to do that, I’d get out of the profession.”

The virtue this brings to mind is DISCIPLINE. The strength to be in control of oneself regardless of the circumstances.

Here is a video clip of the exact opposite of discipline in coaching

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I’d like to invite you, and myself, to reflect on that phrase … What comes from your mouth comes from your heart.

How is my language around my players?

What do I allow on my staff and team?

Do I have the strength to be in control of myself regardless of the circumstances?


Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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