Character STANDS TALL!!

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At SportsLeader we have talked to hundreds of coaches about their teams, their ups, their downs, etc... In so many of those talks, many coaches relate how they struggle more and more each year and how today's kids are "different". Here is a "Top Ten" list one coaching staff gave us about the biggest things their team struggles with:

1. Toughness
2. Leadership
3. Commitment
4. Selfishness
5. Courage
6. Holding teammates accountable
7. Doing the minimum to get by
8. No Hunger!
9. Honesty: Cheating drills and team rules
10. Getting along with each other

Getting players to commit themselves and sacrifice for the TEAM is and always will be a constant theme that all leaders HAVE to foster; Maybe even MORE in today's current culture.


Probably the biggest theme in the movie, When the Game Stands Tall, starring Jim Caviezel is the theme of character. Championship teams have many ingredients; talent, luck, resources, support, experience.....character. Call it what you want; team, brotherhood, espirit de corps, love, "I got your back", etc... but make no mistake, CHARACTER is one of the ingredients needed not only for a winning sports season but more importantly, for a winning LIFE. Life is tough, we have to cultivate toughness. Life involves other people, we have to cultivate selflessness. Life involves being honest with yourself and others, thus we have to cultivate honesty. Thus, as coaches, if we want our players to WIN, we have to cultivate character.

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“Winning a lot of football games is doable. Teaching kids there’s more to life? That’s hard.” Coach Bob Ladouceur from the movie WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL


So many coaches believe that only a special few can be great with great teams, great programs, great accomplishments. Sure, THEY can win but only because of X, Y or Z. Still other coaches will complain that great coaches had all the factors necessary to be great.....factors that they don't have. Both opinions miss the point. As Caviezel points out in a recent interview (click the image below) the goal should always be love and team. When coaches push these things, the winning takes care of itself. And as SportsLeader believes, ALL COACHES can do this. It doesn't take a genius strategist or a professional level coach, it takes a person who BELIEVES in character and is willing to accomplish it for his/her players NO MATTER WHAT!

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CLICK ON IMAGE: for recent Caviezel interview about: When the Game Stands Tall.


We want to challenge all coaches this 2014-2015 school year to keep the real end in mind: building your players to win in life is the real goal of your season this year. Remind yourself of this fact EVERY DAY! You are INSTRUMENTAL to the formation of your players as people.


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*We at SportsLeader encourage ALL COACHES to take their teams to the movie theatre and view: When The Game Stands Tall as a team. What a powerful team-building event! What is more, SportsLeader would love for you coaches to send us a team picture of you and your players at the theatre. In the following weeks, we'll include all the team pictures we receive in a SportsLeader email and in our social media

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