Texas High School Football


I recently made my first trip to Austin, Texas for SportsLeader.

I visited with St Stephen’s football team for a Leadership & Team Building Seminar.

IMG 5473

It was a great experience from beginning to end.

In this video here below Senior Captains Grant Owens and Taylor Brown share what they learned. I really encourage you to watch and listen to them. Click on the image below to watch.

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Click on the image to watch the video.


Team-Friends-Brothers-Family. The path to making a team into a family is not easy & needs to be intentional & fought for with perseverance.

Consider making SportsLeader a part of your program.

Virtue = Strength 
Manual to Help You to Build Team Unity


Had some incredible barbecue while I was there as well.

I’ve since come to realize that when Texans are bragging about their ribs they are not bragging they are just telling the truth!

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IMG 3553 - Version 2