When The Game Stands Tall!

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To Stand Tall: to be brave and proud.

Coaches, Parents, Teachers, Leaders are constantly preaching to their teams to STAND TALL!

Life is Hard.....STAND TALL! 
Life isn't always Fair....STAND TALL! 
Life Happens.....STAND TALL!

So it only makes sense that the newest sports movie of the fall includes the phrase in it's title.

when the game stands tall

CLICK on IMAGE: to get details of the movie, which is fully endorsed by SportsLeader.


Peoria Illinois Notre Dame HS Football ... They are already committed to going to the movie as a complete program. They have the group tickets plus popcorn and drink package. What's stopping YOU from doing something similar?

Standing Tall is NOT an easy thing to do especially in times of hardship. Our society is SCREAMING at us 24 hours a day:


Thus, we NEED to do more to help our players understand what it means to stand tall, we NEED to give our players visuals on what it means to stand tall, most of all we NEED to give them PRACTICE in standing tall. For if we don't, how will they be able to stand tall when everybody is telling them they have nothing to stand tall for unless they win, perform, or celebrate themselves?


The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of winning teams out there with team members standing tall but there are just as many losing teams out there with just as many team members standing tall. As coaches, parents and leaders celebrating all the players we coach: their virtue, their character, their ability to persevere and overcome incredible obstacles in their lives should be what we are doing MORE of instead of focusing ONLY on the outcomes of the games they play.

For the lessons we learn, the men and women we BECOME playing the great sports we play is really WHY the great game of SPORT stands tall.

Let all of us NOT FORGET that going into a new school year of sports.

More Than A Coach...SportsLeader!

game stands tall video

CLICK ON IMAGE: For official movie trailer: When the Game Stands Tall.