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Anybody working with young people knows (or should know!) that most will screw up at some time, making mistakes and doing things without thinking. Many times, us adults, never discover these mistakes.( Much to our young adults relief!) However, often we do "find out". With that being the case, it would seem that more of us adults, would anticipate our young people making poor decisions and have at least some sort of plan to deal with them when they come to light.

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Texas coach Charlie Strong reiterated his policy on violating the team's core values. CLICK on image for the full story.

Many of you have probably heard about University of Texas' new head football coach, Charlie Strong. The college sports coach might be the adult most needed to be ready when their players make poor decisions; being an 18-23 year old on "your own" at any time in history is hard, but probably most especially in today's society. Coach Strong "made" the news last week. He was put in a position where he had to work a plan in disciplining eight Texas football players who had made some poor decisions, affecting not only themselves but the whole University of Texas team. He said,

"We have core values within this program. We expect our players to abide by those values," Strong said. "You take away something that's important to them -- and football is really important to a lot of these players -- and you make sure that with the games taken away from them, they understand how important it is to represent this great university not only on the field but off.

"With the core values, I say it all the time -- if a young man doesn't want to be part of this program, just go break a core value of this program. You'll be telling me a lot about where you want to stand."

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Social Contracts are great ways to advertise a team's CORE VALUES: CLICK ON IMAGE to see more about Social Contracts.

Core values. We all have them, individually and collectively as communities and teams. Coach Strong has decided to celebrate and emphasize them with his football team at the University of Texas. Without a doubt, he believes in their beauty and strength not only in themselves but for the betterment of his team as well, I am sure. And he is standing by them. They are the foundation of how his team will treat themselves and their teammates. And when they are broken, consequences will occur. Agree or disagree on the consequences Coach Strong gave out, but all of must understand that something has to happen when a "teammate" breaks the rules.

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CLICK ON IMAGE: to view article on The Habits of Supremely Happy People...good advice for all of us!

At SportsLeader we urge all coaches to establish the core values of your programs. What is more, SportsLeader urges that we should also be helping our players, coaches and parents to grow in virtue/character so all can actually LIVE those values. Many of our players actually know and appreciate values, however, they aren't in the PRACTICE of doing them. It's our responsibility to do more than post our core values in our locker rooms and preach them in our meetings with our players, we must MENTOR and LEAD them in the habit of doing them, DAILY!


Our players are WILL make mistakes, DAILY! Part of being a loving parent or coach is helping our young people when they do screw up and to set up systems to help them from screwing up so much in the first place. Whatever methods you choose to do is up to you. But don't be tempted to ignore violations of your team's core values. Don't be tempted to think a system in instilling good character habits is not needed. Don't lie to yourself that you won't have problems. Your players are definitely in need of improving themselves in the sports they play, but they are more in need of improving themselves as people. At SportsLeader we believe the coach is called to help in this way, as well. You CAN do it! You HAVE to do it, not only for the harmony and success of your team but also for the sake of the souls of your players.

You have the Power to help your players MORE, Coaches.....and they will thank you for it!

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