Coach, Do Your Leaders Have Your Back?


Coach, have you ever wanted to feel like your leaders had your back?

That they understood and valued all the sacrifices you put in, the effort to transform lives and that you were not in it just to win games?

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, IL did just that for the coaches of his seven high schools recently.

He invited them to Sacred Heart Griffin high school for an opportunity to thank them, honor them and show them that coaching is about much more than the scoreboard.

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Coaches from Marquette Catholic High School, Alton St. Teresa High School, Decatur St. Anthony of Padua High School, Effingham Routt Catholic High School, Jacksonville Father McGivney Catholic High School, Maryville Quincy Notre Dame High School Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in central Illinois.


Bishop Paprocki, author of the book "Holy Goals for Body Soul", is a coach himself. He coaches goalies for the Sacred Heart Griffin hockey team.

He knows firsthand everything that you put into your mission.

He also wants to help his coaches do it even better.

We were able to share our coach training seminar with all of them in the hope that we can help create a more intentional and strategic method of inspiring young men and women to be leaders on and off the field.

Imagine every coach in your area striving to build virtue with every practice.

It can be done.

Contact us. We can help.

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L to R: Dwight Stephenson, Bishop Thomas Paprocki and Lou Judd


Here is one video testimonial from a coach who has integrated our virtue program into his team. Click on the image.

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