Intentionally Strengthening Families


One of the greatest blessings a young person can have is a strong, united and loving family.

It is something most if not all of us long for.

A family who loves us, supports us, listens to us, shares their thoughts, feelings and experiences with us.

This truly is a priceless treasure.

One of the pillars of the SportsLeader program is CEREMONY.

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Louisville St Xavier


Ceremony is an opportunity to publicly celebrate, recognize and communicate our love, appreciation, respect and gratitude.

One of our ceremonies is the Father-Son and/or the Father-Daughter jersey ceremony.

It is an opportunity to have Dads and/or male role models publicly affirm, praise and shower some love on our athletes.

Why just "hand out" your jerseys when you can have them "bestowed" on your players?

This is a simple and concrete way to intentionally strengthen the families within your program.

Many teams across the country have integrated these ceremonies into their seasons.

If you would like to learn more about how this can change your program for the better reply to this email.

Here below are some photos from jersey ceremonies from across the country.

Virtue = Strength 
Manual to Help You Be More Intentional & Strategic in Coaching Virtue


Sandusky St Mary Central Catholic

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Xenia High School

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Xenia High School


Franciscan University of Steubenville

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Cincinnati Bishop Fenwick

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Cincinnati St Bernard

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Louisville St Xavier