Sometimes The Little Things ...

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Sometimes the little things last the longest.

I found the below video very inspiring and thought-provoking and I hope it does the same for you. Click on the image to watch - it's only a minute long.

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We could put ourselves in the position of the Dad and/or the daughter.

Like the Dad:

▪ Do I have any "little" traditions, phrases, acts that I bless others with?
▪ How do I express that I care about someone?
▪ Is there something I could do more often?

Like the Daughter:

▪ Am I truly grateful for all of the expressions of love, caring, sympathy that I am given and blessed with?
▪ Do I reflect on how much I have to be thankful for?
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This week let's all make an effort to:

care a little more ...

reflect a little more ...

be grateful a little more ...

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