We Give Life or We Drain it with Every Encounter

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This video really moved me. Click on the image to watch it.

And I think it would be amazing to show your Dads before a Father-Daughter Jersey Ceremony.

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Sometimes in our lives we make little effort to communicate with those we love, or those we coach, or those we teach, or our employees or co-workers.

This man does not have the gift or talent of words. He has to make a much greater effort to communicate.

And he did not let that stop him.

Don't let more time pass by without communicating what you really have in your heart. Life is short and regret is bitter.


Use your words to communicate and speak life into those around you.

Musician TobyMac has a song titled just that. I encourage you to watch the below video by clicking on the image and consider emailing/texting/tweeting the link to your team and parents.

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Focusing your team on a virtue every week is a great way to create team unity, strengthen the hearts of your players and COMMUNICATE life lessons.

Virtue = Strength

Manual to Help You to Communicate Virtue