Who's Leading YOUR Team?

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How's the leadership on YOUR team?

More and more of the coaches we are working with at SportsLeader are lamenting their lack of leadership on their teams. The coaches complain, "Where are the leaders?" "Why don't my kids want to lead?"

As most of you know, we at SportsLeader are constantly urging coaches to do MORE character development and mentoring to help with this very problem. We, as coaches, have to do be more intentional in creating the leaders we want to have.


There are teams that ARE doing more about improving their leadership. And one of the things they are doing is utilizing the concept of the "Leadership Council". Coaches pick a number of strong juniors/seniors (8-12 athletes, typically) to serve as the team's leadership council. These leaders are given authority to lead, encourage, challenge and serve their team. Weekly, these leaders then meet with the head coach and go over their activities from the week. How have they been serving the team? What are some of the challenges with the team that need to be solved? What do they need to do better as a leader to be more effective?


HFC coach at Hamilton Badin H.S., Bill Tenore(first row-far right) and his Ram Leadership Council-Servant Leadership at its BEST!


Many of you, we are sure, have some type of captain's council that serves as a sounding board for the team. However, the Leadership Council concept asks MORE of it's leaders. Each leader has a group of teammates( his/her squad) that the leader is in charge of. They are given the RESPONSIBILITY( a key ingredient in teaching any form of leadership!) of supporting, encouraging, challenging, serving their group of teammates. Giving our leaders the TRUST enough to allow them to participate in running the team has proven to be so empowering for these young athletes/leaders. What is more, these leaders also have assistant coaches "assigned" to them to guide and support them becoming the leaders they all want to be.


HFC Pat McGlauflin at Reading H.S.(center standing) and his senior leadership council-Leading TEAM!


As adults, we know the power of peer pressure. We lived through it ourselves (and maybe still are!) and our parents worried about us every day. In today's culture filled with so many even more dangers, it's imperative we cultivate character and leadership in our teenagers. Not only for their sakes, obviously, but also for the so many OTHER young people looking for help in this crazy world; kids willing to be influenced by kids with character that also care about them.


Winton Woods H.S. HFC Andre Parker (back row-far right) and his Warrior Leadership Council-mentoring TEAM!


This world is far too hard to go it alone. Tragically, however, this is the situation for many of our young people growing up today. They are going it alone, EVERY DAY! Indeed, they need adult leaders at home, at school, and on the playing fields, no doubt. But they also need leaders from their peer group to help them make the right decisions when they are away from adult supervision and tempted to do things that can damage them for the rest of their lives. They need friends that aren't afraid to encourage and admonish them out of love.

Let's do our part as coaches, parents and teachers and give our youth MORE so they can succeed in life no matter the circumstances....let's give them the gift of the ability to LEAD.

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