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In far too many circumstances these days, the majority speaks only of how NOTHING can be done to right the wrong. The problem is TOO BIG and we are far too small:

"Nothing is going to help them!" 
"How am I going to save that person who is so messed up....It's Impossible!"

Maybe we should thank God for times of crisis( by the way, we ARE IN a time of crisis, people!) for in these times some people are compelled to speak up despite the enormity of the problems presented:

"We got to TRY!" 
"Who's coming to help, STEP FORWARD!"

Then, inexplicably, God grabs something deep inside some of us and propels us to ACT, despite our smallness, weakness and debilitating self-doubt that we are so inadequate to stem the tide:

"I got it, Sarge!"...."I'll go"...."I'm with you, Sarge!"...."I'm a part of the TEAM!"

Step Forward

CLICK ON IMAGE: for scene from movie tribute to 9/11: World Trade Center


People, our culture is trying daily to convince us that the mission for all is NOT to step forward. Thankfully, however, we all know that none of us serving in education(coaches, teachers, parents, educators) takes this advice seriously. To be an effective educator/mentor one must step forward. The mission has always been and will always be to SERVE. Somebody in our lives cared enough to do it for us, some even actually physically reaching out to us. We are called to do the same for the people placed in our lives; by battling, by sacrificing, by teaching, by suffering, by GIVING OUR LIVES to something bigger than us.

Thus, when we step forward to serve (how many times a day? Too many to count!) we do win, of course; the act of STEPPING FORWARD is ultimately the prize. We look at our children, our players, our co-workers in the midst of the battle and say with eyes as loving and true....YOU ARE MY MISSION!

You are our mission

CLICK ON IMAGE: for scene to 9/11 tribute: World Trade Center


Today, we remember an American tragedy that occurred thirteen years ago on this date: 9/11. 2749 people died from 87 different countries. Of these people, many had their precious lives TAKEN from them. Others, ironically, decided to give them up for a greater something. We at SportsLeader would like to pay tribute and remember all the many people that were affected by that event of terrorism. Especially those that gave their lives because:

"It was the right thing to do."

Don't let anybody tell you different, Goodness is all around us people. There ARE people that are battling, sacrificing, giving, suffering ALL at their own expense so others can live. This in itself is miraculous. And like the pictures and memories of the heroes that died on 9/11 that decorate walls, desks, photo albums across our country, there are many, many others that will not be forgotten either. Let all of us step forward and join their ranks TODAY!

More Than A Coach...SportsLeader!

9 11

CLICK ON IMAGE: for scene from 9/11 tribute: World Trade Center