Central Michigan University Football Jersey Ceremony

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The SportsLeader Jersey Ceremony is one of the most memorable events you can have with your team.

I have been blessed to be a part of over 100 of these special affirmation ceremonies all over the country.

Every sport, every age … and now Division 1 College Football at Central Michigan University.

Please watch the videos below for some instant inspiration.

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The night before one of their most recent games the team gathered in their nearby hotel for a team meal with all of the parents, siblings and mentors of the Seniors.

We gathered the presenters in a small room for a pep talk and a quick explanation of what was about to happen. We had Dads, Moms, Brothers, Mentors, Former Coaches …

I congratulated them for having a son make it through four years of Division 1 football. His playing days are almost over …

Half of the presenters were already in tears. I knew it was going to be an exceptionally powerful evening.

The purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate and affirm the athlete for his virtues and express love, pride, gratitude and how we have noticed them becoming a great man.

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Every team on the planet should do this ceremony every year.

Life is short and so often we leave things unsaid, we don’t convey the emotions deep within our hearts, we fail to communicate out of fear or lack of reflection.

Sitting in the presence of these amazing families, everyone could learn from one another, as we witnessed the love and care that make a family and a team so unique and special.

Well done Coach Dan Enos. Thank you!

If you would like to integrate The SportsLeader Jersey Ceremony into your school or program respond to this email or call me at 859.512.2572.

Virtue = Strength, 
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