Positive Feedback

It is often encouraging to read the stories, experiences and feedback from others.

Here are a few who have experienced SportsLeader from all over the Country.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 


Morehead State University 
Morehead, KY

As I enter my third season as the Head Football Coach at Morehead State University, I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the Sportsleader program for the impact it has had on the culture of our football program. The virtue-based motivational and mentoring program is sport specific and allows you to integrate programs and traditions that will amplify the experience for your players and coaches. The player and coach retreat, honoring your spouse and jersey ceremony has facilitated a championship environment in and around our football family.

Rob Tenyer 
Head Football Coach 
Morehead State University

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Blessed Sacrament 
Ft Mitchell, KY

In being invited to come to a dinner and marriage renewal, I thought, "The marriage renewal and dinner were just a ploy to get wives to come to this 'sports event'! We'll have to sit through a few talks about their own teams and how it's going in different schools and listen to sports talks." Well, I was wrong. The talk by the coach from Illinois was amazing to say the least! He gave such a testimony about our faith and how God calls each of us back to Him. What a wonderful guy and what a wonderful talk! I met some very wonderful people there. We were encouraged to get out of our comfort zone and mingle in between talks and waiting on the food. It was so nice to talk to many people who are so interesting. Some I knew, but a lot I did not know. It was such an enjoyable evening! Thanks for inviting us to come.

God bless you and the Sports Leader program. 
Mary Anne Gronotte


Pope John Paul II High School (They are playing in the State Championship final tonight for the 2nd year in a row) 
Slidell, LA

If I chose a virtue for Peyton Corwin and presented her soccer jersey to her:

Peyton would be the virtue: Other Centered.

Peyton, you attend to the needs of others, you are the team cheerleader, the team referee if need be, the team peacemaker, you are selfless- it's always team above self with you and soccer, you always look to have someone else score, someone else look good, someone else get the credit.

I am very proud and lucky to have you and your approach to athletics in my life. For 11 of your 16 years you have had to share your dad with countless other players on the teams that you have played on because I have been blessed to coach almost all of them. You have been my cheerleader, my therapist. You are my point of calmness, of reason. Without knowing it you have given me advice on over 300 players and the best way I should relate to them.

So, accept you soccer jersey - it is a symbol, a color, a number on a team. You deserve to wear it...you represent it well.

This beautiful game of soccer should have such a beautiful person playing it.



St Gertrude 
Cincinnati, OH

As a former military member, some of the best award ceremonies were not for my comrades or myself, they were for the most dedicated, selfless, loving people that decided to share their lives with us – our spouses. I really enjoyed the Sports Leader Event on Valentine’s Day because it centered on someone who is well loved and respected at home but gets little recognition outside of it. Thank you, Lou, for providing a forum in which we can not only celebrate our spouses but also celebrate the fact that God has touched so many of us to act as instruments of His word and teach the message and virtues to the children we coach.

Robert C. Dinga, OD

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Aquinas High School 
Augusta, GA

Quote of Maura Lammers (Sophomore Point Guard Aquinas High School Varsity Girls Basketball Team) - Sat, Jan 10 Father & Daughter Jersey Night:

" I thought the dad/daughter jersey night brought our team closer together. All the emotions were a huge boost for us and I think will take our team to a different level." 
Maura Lammers (Sophomore Point Guard)

AHS Girls Basketball Jersey Night quote from Marc Williamson (Dad of Senior Point Guard Bailey Williamson:

"Jersey night with Dad was such a great experience. Telling my daughters, and hearing other dads tell their daughters, how proud of them I am, how much I admire them, and how much I love them in front of the team, coaches and other dads really gave me a new perspective on the girls that make up this team. Each girl is special in her own way. The team and dads truly bonded tonight and became one basketball family.”

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South Callaway High School 
Mokane, MO

What is your weekly schedule? What do you do every day of the week and why? 
Why we do what we do? My coaching mission statement is “"To Love and Motivate Young Athletes to Impact Their Lives Towards a Higher Calling and to Model and Teach Them to Do Right and Do Their Best in All Situations."

• With that being my mission, my staff has been gracious enough to allow us to fully implement this mission in all areas of our program! Our weekly character implementation looks like the following…

• Monday: Introduce character theme with brief discussion

• Tuesday & Wednesday: Quote of the day, highlight examples in practice, encouragement practices

• Thursday: Character meeting before team dinner, approximately 30-45 minutes and may include various forms of information including video clips, small group discussion, coach testimony, worksheets, etc.

• Friday: Review of theme in pre-game discussion

• Saturday: Review of implementation of character theme in the previous night’s game

I want to take this opportunity to highlight that the Sports Leader program has provided us a great deal of information, ideas, character words, pictures, videos, etc. that we have used either to supplement, direct, and/or provide high quality images for the character and leadership work that we do. One of the most beneficial parts of utilizing Sports Leader information is that in the middle of a season when we often get so busy with other things and/or we are feeling uninspired by the material we have used in the past, they provide regular e-mails with relevant, useful information that we can pull from as needed.

What are some special events that you do to reinforce character/leadership themes?

• Father-Son Jersey Night: This is one of the most important events our team has taken from the Sports Leader program. I remember first learning about this through an e-mail from Sports Leader and knew that we wanted to implement this with our athletes. Father-son jersey night is a time when the fathers or father figures of the senior athletes gather on the day before the senior night game to present their sons with the jersey they will wear that night as well as stand in front of their son and the other seniors/senior dads and express why they love them and why they are proud of them. Thanks so Sports Leader for this wonderful idea. It has become a very important element in the senior year of our players.

• Mother’s Game: Sports Leader has also provided some inspiration for the Mother’s Game that we have each year during the regular season. We choose one game a season where the athletes will honor their Mothers by writing them a letter that they present to them along with a flower as their Mothers escort them to the field for the game. Throughout that week our character focus is typically something about sacrifice, being others focused, etc. The coaches give testimonies of their own Mothers throughout the week during practice time. We have even gone so far as to allow one special Mom to choose the first play we run on game day!

• We invite the National Guard and Marines to come in and work with our athletes. They take our team through different leadership and team building exercises. It is fun to watch the athletes work together to accomplish tasks outside of football.

• We take one day of football camp to go into the community and clean up trash and go door to door to see if anyone needs any help! It was fun to watch the athletes return with great stories of service and what hidden “treasures” they had found.

Tell us about your 2014 season…

This past season we were both humbled and grateful to have experienced a great deal of success on the field. We finished with a final record of 14-1, which granted us a conference, and district championship as well as a second place finish at the state game losing 30-15 to four time champion Lamar. We also have four athletes who are now moving forward to play at the collegiate level. While the on-field success was wonderful, we are even more proud to say that our incoming seniors received monthly leadership lessons each month following the completion of their junior football season and our entire team engaged in at least 15 formal character lessons for each week of the season. It is our hope that these lessons will remain with them long after they play football, when they become the future fathers, husbands, leaders and community members of our area.

You have spoken about how you and your wife work together on this? What type of work does she do or do you do together?

My wife and I are both very passionate about impacting young people and particularly encouraging the development and maturity of young men. She is a licensed professional counselor as well as a marriage and family therapist so she had a lot of the “head” knowledge for the work that we do with our athletes. She is involved in the development of many of our character and leadership lessons as well as general consultation when we are encountering difficulties with athlete or family concerns for the team. In addition to these influences, we are also both very passionate about impacting other coaches and coaching families. The time, effort, and sacrifice necessary to be a successful coach can often be very difficult on families and we have watched many great men and women get out of coaching because the lifestyle was creating hardship for their families. My wife and I have now had the opportunity to speak at clinics and marriage conferences specifically for coaches and their spouses to help provide support, ideas and an opportunity to cast a vision for how a healthy marriage can be a vital part of the powerful platform of coaching young people. As mentioned above, we have a number of times found inspiration or materials from the Sports Leader program which have allowed us to provide quality character and leadership information for our athletes.

Include some team photos from this past season …

▪ See attached photos!

Tim Rulo 
Social Studies Teacher 
Head Football Coach 
Co-Head Track Coach 
Strength and Conditioning Coach

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