Coaches Can Help Save Society


This week alone we learned of two more College-Pro football players who are making some really horrible choices.

Pretty much every day we hear about drug abuse - read ADDICTION - and domestic violence - read BEATING UP FAMILY MEMBERS … by athletes.


These two plagues of society and sports in particular have at their root one main major problem: Fatherlessness.

40% of children in the USA grow up without a Dad at home.

40% of children grow up in a home with a Dad who is basically disconnected. Working and traveling almost 24/7.

20% of children grow up with a present, involved, emotionally connected Dad.

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Click on image to watch video of Coach Trent Todd share about the importance of Coaches mentoring their athletes intentionally.


The Baltimore riot was another painful example of how destructive a society without Dads and involved men can become.

No discipline, no structure, no strength = chaos, violence and upheaval.


This is reality. If we want to help the young men and women in our care, we need to INTENTIONALLY build stronger relationships.


SportsLeader has some very practical and doable solutions that every coach can implement:

Father (Mentor-Son or Father (Mentor)-Daughter Jersey Ceremony

Letters to Mom Ceremony

Weekly Virtue Instruction

Coach to Athlete Mentoring Sessions

Athlete small group accountability

Team Building Leadership Event


Yes, these take time and effort.

Our country needs coaches who are willing to start a movement for intentional relationship building.

If you’ve read this far - I’m sure you do a ton already to build relationships with your team.

Please consider taking one more step.

Join us and this movement by responding to this email.

Virtue = Strength, 
Lou Judd 
SportsLeader Manual to Teach Virtue