Can You Love Every Kid?

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During one of my trips this week, I got to spend some time with a good friend of mine Marty Rotella. Marty is a singer/song-writer and a retired teacher.

He is extremely talented and a man of great wisdom.

He shared a story with me that I in turn would like to share with you.

A group of young, new teachers gathered around Marty one day many years ago and asked him what it takes to be a great teacher or coach.

Marty’s answer was quite simple, “Can you love every kid?”

Love meaning wanting the best for them, genuinely desiring them to succeed and grow.

Can you love the kid who is a pest? The kid who never listens? The kid who thinks he hung the moon?

If you’re a coach, can you love the kid who has a bad attitude? The kid who constantly drops the ball? The kid who is lazy?

Can you love every kid that is placed in front of you?

This is extremely hard because we have feelings, preferences, we get tired and worn down.

But this is where virtue comes in to play.

You can use your will to conquer those feelings. You can use your will to go beyond your feelings.

You might not feel like loving a particular kid … but you can use your will to go beyond those feelings and, with your willpower, desire and strive to help that kid as much as you possibly can.

That is being a great teacher and a great coach.

Can you love every kid?

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
SportsLeader Manual to Teach Virtue