Communication is MY Strength!

"Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength."


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CLICK ON IMAGE: to view famous scene of Gary and Julius in Remember the Titans. Communication, indeed, is the essence and strength of all great TEAMS!


Ask any coach and he/she will tell you that communication is KEY to the success of their team. Talking, encouraging, challenging, coaxing, supporting, cheering are ALL essential in building the TRUST and SACRIFICE necessary to win championships.

But it seems that this vital element is becoming increasingly absent with our players and young people in general. In a recent report produced by the Pew Research Center, adults were asked, "What skills are vital for young people to possess these days to be successful in life?" Unanimously, across every ethnic, socio-economic and political spectrum, COMMUNICATION was the overwhelming favorite.

Actual Pew Research Center article on Top 10 Skills teens need in life.


The University of Cincinnati Bearcat Football Team is quite aware of this research. As a result, Head Coach Tommy Tubberville has given the order for UC players to communicate BETTER with teammates to build that better TRUST that is so key in winning championships. Utilizing the expertise of recent hire-Doug Rosfeld as Director of Player Development and the instruction and methodology of SportsLeader the UC football players are dedicating themselves to improving themselves and their teammates in a much more critical and intense way. They have committed themselves to analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses, the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates and tracking their daily attempts to improve themselves and their teammates while recognizing that HONEST COMMUNICATION is the vital link in making these improvements possible.


UC Director of Player Development, Doug Rosfeld (on right). Rosfeld a stalwart at center for UC from 1997-2000, started the final 34 games of his career. Named first team All-Conference-USA selection following junior and senior seasons and was tabbed as a third team preseason All-America choice by Athlon Sports.


Kudos to the UC football program for recognizing the dire need to improve their players in such basic human truths as effective interpersonal communication! The question is, "Why aren't more of us doing the same?" As educators, identifying key behaviors and taking the time, energy and money to improve them should be a no-brainer. Too many of our young people are missing out and let's be honest with ourselves, WE are partly to blame.

The time is NOW, people! Do your players and your students JUSTICE and start implementing peer mentoring, self-awareness techniques and team building training ASAP! Our young people will never succeed in life without the proper tools to succeed and that includes how to communicate WELL.

Let them say, when they finish their education with your school or your team:

Communication is MY Strength!!

Chris Willertz 
SportsLeader: Virtue = Strength!!