First Three SportsLeader Rosary Rallies of 2015 National Tour

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We had our first three SportsLeader Rosary Rallies of our 2015 National Tour.

So thus far for the 3 rosary rallies we have had approximately 560 players from 15 teams.

St Louis, MO with 4 teams:

St Marys, Helias Catholic, Tolton Catholic and Valle Catholic

Kansas City, KS with 6 teams

St. James, St. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Miege, Rockhurst, St. Pius X and Bishop Ward

Columbus, OH with 5 teams:

St Francis De Sales, Bishop Watterson, St Charles, Bishop Hartley and Bishop Ready

This week we have 4 more in Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Louisville.

We have 20 in all thus far. Here are the cities and dates:

July 28 Dayton, OH 
July 29 Cleveland, OH 
July 30 Cincinnati, OH 
July 31 Louisville, KY 
August 5 Atlanta, GA 
August 9 Cincinnati, OH Grade School 
August 11 Pittsburgh, PA 
August 11 Harrisburg PA 
August 13 Minneapolis, MN 
August 13 Bristol CT 
August 14 Sliddel, LA 
August 16 Phoenix, AZ 
August 23 Thomas More College, Edgewood KY 
August 23 Detroit, MI 
August 27 Little Rock, AR 
September 2 Franciscan University of Steubenville 
October 11 Decatur, IL

I look forward to seeing all of you at your respective SportsLeader Rosary Rallies soon.

Below are photos and some more information from each rally.

The record for attendance including coaches, parents and players thus far is Cincinnati OH last year at 550. Let's see who can top that!

May God bless you, Lou Judd 
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Last night in Columbus, OH was extremely inspiring. Father Dan Dury, the pastor of St Catherine's hosted the event.

We had Mass, dinner and then the SportsLeader Rosary Rally. He did an amazing job explaining exposition, adoration, the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and how to pray the rosary.

We were also blessed with two players from the Ohio State Buckeyes: Bryce Haynes and Joe Burger. They brought up the gifts at Mass and shared their testimonies during the rally.

Videos of their testimonies will be coming soon.

IMG 5294
IMG 5295
IMG 8345
DSC 1659
DSC 1683
DSC 1692
DSC 1709
DSC 1710
DSC 1711
DSC 1713
DSC 1714
DSC 1715

In Kansas City as each team arrived we took a photo in front of a stunning crucifix that is right next to the Bishop Miege High School football field.

We were blessed to have Archbishop Naumann preside over the event. It was held at the Bishop Miege football stadium.

We prepped 5 boys to read the virtue reflections for the rosary.

Coach Tom Radke of St James and I gave some opening words and then the Archbishop gave a nice talk about the rosary relating the repetition of the prayers to the repetition of drills in order to perfect execution of plays …

Then the Archbishop lead us in the praying of the scriptural rosary. He added in other reflections as well. There was a cool breeze, the setting sun, the football field … I overheard a number of boys say, “I love this”.

IMG 8288
IMG 8277
IMG 8279
IMG 8281
IMG 8283
IMG 8286
IMG 8287
IMG 8302
IMG 8323
IMG 8326
IMG 5263

In St Louis we had Mass with Auxiliary Bishop Edward Rice, Dinner and Rosary. During the dinner all of the players sat according to position groups mingling with the other teams.

IMG 5239
IMG 8272
IMG 5246
IMG 8266
IMG 8236
IMG 8238
IMG 8239