I Can't Handle All This PEER PRESSURE

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"I don't think I would have been able to stick with it and been proud of who I am and be feminine out on the court. I think I would have folded to the peer pressure if I didn't have my mom to encourage me to be me and be proud of how tall I am."

Lisa Leslie

peer pressure

CLICK ON IMAGE: to view the Peer Pressure Experiment video produced by WISN News on teens succumbing to peer pressure.


It's common knowledge that most young people when they enter middle school, high school and college spend more and more time with each other......and less time with us parents. With this being the case, it is inevitable that our beloved children will face the pressure of doing what their peers, their friends, their clique, the crowd are doing. Often, many times tragically, they will be swayed to throw aside those values we worked so tirelessly to instill in them, values they REALLY DO believe in, just so they aren't labeled as "THAT GUY" or "THAT GIRL" the "fun-sucker".

Peer pressure has been around since the beginning of time and as most of us know, we as adults are not exempt from it, either. With this being the case, many of us try to convince ourselves that peer pressure is just a fact of life; our teens will be able to handle it and/or learn from it. We can't be this naive! The pressures young people are putting on each other these days are far, far more lethal than most of can imagine. Drugs and alcohol are far, far more lethal than they were when we were kids. Social media and technology makes access to "popularity" and friends an almost 24 hour opportunity. And with the fracturing of the family unit, interaction between teens and adults are at an all-time low ( One report says the average teen spends 7 minutes of quality time with their parent a day!)


We at SportsLeader know that the time teens spend with each other is not going to decrease anytime soon. Peer pressure is REAL and it is NOT going away! What are we to do?? Our kids have to be able to know how to stand up for themselves, their beliefs and defend themselves for doing the right thing without losing face. NOT an easy task by any means! Most of us adults have just as a difficult task ourselves! With that being the case, SportsLeader is committed to helping coaches, parents and young people deal with this peer pressure. We are committed to doing team building workshops where we work with sports teams on building POSITIVE peer pressure. It is not enough that they "know" the dangers of peer pressure. They need actual practice dealing with it. And what better environment than with teammates and their team?? Active practice, encouraging teammates in doing the right things, praising teammates for doing the right things and challenging teammates when they don't do the right things has to be TAUGHT and PRACTICED.....and that's what we are doing in our SL workshops.

People, we are leaving way too much too chance thinking our kids are fine, they have been brought up right, they know how to act right in all circumstances, no matter the pressure. The fact of the matter is, peer pressure is much more powerful that we think for a young person. Let us at SportsLeader help you and your teams do better for each other. We CAN handle peer pressure if we take the time and energy to learn how to combat it right!

Chris Willertz 
SportsLeader: Virtue = Strength!


A local Cincinnati high school w/ their football seniors posing for a picture after a SportsLeader peer mentoring/team building workshop.