UNITED... We Can Do MORE!!!


Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek


The students at Thomas More College in Northern Kentucky are working hard to improve their UNITY and STRENGTH. For the past 6 months they have been working TOGETHER as teams in SportsLeader sponsored drug/alcohol awareness workshops, team-building peer mentoring workshops, personal leadership improvement seminars and on August 23rd the first ever collegiate Rosary Rally-Prayer Rally to honor the life of fellow TMC student/teammate Mitch Kramer; where over 700 students came together to pray, mourn and support each other and the Kramer family.

tmc rosary rally

CLICK ON IMAGE: to view short YouTube video of local news coverage of the TMC 2015 Rosary Rally put together by TMC Track Coach Jeff Hill.


We all know how important UNITY is. Admit it, EVERYBODY thrives when all team members are pulling in the same direction-in unison-earnestly striving DAILY for a goal. Disappointments sting less, victories taste sweeter. We have brothers and sisters that root for each other, brothers and sisters that motivate and support each other, brothers and sisters that challenge and keep teammates accountable at all times. It's not always harmony, necessarily, but it's a confidence that WE WILL work it out, because it's important to all of us. Each and all know that the team's strength and success depends on all of us----UNITED in mind, body and spirit.


But unity doesn't come easy, it has to be worked on. Unity has to be fostered and developed. Unity has to be built and DEFENDED. Thomas More College has more than willingly accepted this challenge to foster and protect this magic called UNITY. They are committed to being proactive and they ARE making efforts, DAILY, to enhance what they have already built. Shouldn't all of us be doing the same? Let's face it, it's a fact of life that tragedy will strike ALL OF US; sooner or later. This tragedy-many of us will believe-will be overwhelming; it will attack our soul and our spirit. It will HURT, leading many of us into the valley of despair. We will need real UNITY-real FAMILY-to make it and to survive. The question I ask is this, "Will we have what it takes to weather those attacks when they come"?

Let's all of us do ourselves and our teams a favor and foster the virtue of UNITY this season. It will make all the difference in the world, giving us a REAL strength that we all can be proud of.

Chris Willertz 
SportsLeader: Virtue = Strength!


Thomas More College women soccer athletes practicing peer mentoring.


TMC football players practicing peer mentoring during their SportsLeader football workshop.


TMC Women's Tennis working together to recognize strengths and weaknesses of the team.


TMC athletes from the winter/spring sports teams peer mentoring workshop.