Cam Newton, Feelings and Willpower


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Losing is really, really hard. I admit I have been a sore loser myself. I am guilty as charged.

We should hate to lose. It is a reflection of hell. We should not want to go there.

As most of the world has seen by now, the Broncos won the Super Bowl and the Panthers lost.

One of the most powerful teaching moments for our athletes, and ourselves, is possibly discussing how Cam Newton has publicly reacted to it.

I absolutely understand how excruciatingly difficult it must be to lose and then have to sit in front of innumerable reporters asking questions about said loss.

It is a form of torture that quite possibly should be banished until a few days after the game. It would be a sign of mercy.

But be that as it may …

In life, we have to strive to use our willpower to control ourselves, to control our external display of emotion.

This is by no means easy, but we must strive for it.

That is virtue.

SportsLeader focuses on virtue, mentoring, ceremony and Catholic Identity.

Some coaches find it a bother, a waste of time to talk about virtue as if it has nothing to do with sports.

It has everything to do with sports. How you handle adversity, how you handle losing, winning, a foul, a bad call, reacting to a trash talker, competing against someone more talented than you, pushing yourself when you’re tired, ignoring the weather to focus on the game, accepting constructive criticism, accepting praise, caring about your teammates ….

All of this is virtue.

This is why we have a virtue of the week program. To help give you ideas, resources, quotes, images, videos, stories … as much as possible for you to choose from to make it easier for you to coach your players up in the most important lessons in life.

A number of people when asked their opinion about Cam’s reaction said more or less, Cam’s family and friends will talk with him …

True … But what if our athletes don’t have those family and friends talking to them about virtue?

Let’s take this opportunity not to bash Cam but rather to reflect on how well we are doing as coaches about teaching our athletes to be virtuous, to use their willpower to control their feelings instead of letting their feelings and emotions control their actions …

Let’s make a real effort to teach virtue every week. Don’t waste the tremendous platform you have as a coach.

Let’s ask ourselves, would my athletes react that way? Would I have taught my athletes enough virtue to know how to handle that situation with willpower?

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