Coach Monty Williams Speaks at Wife's Funeral


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This is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.

Please watch this and show this to your family, your class, your team.

Clarification note below.

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Monty Williams is an incredibly inspiring Christian, Husband, Father and Coach and we have much to learn from his Faith, Family and Forgiveness. As Catholics we are uncertain of the state of each person's soul and it's ability of entering immediately into heaven upon death. Only the Church can confirm definitely who is in heaven. We know that God gave us the Church as His instrument of salvation in the world. We also know that God is perfect justice and perfect mercy. But we don't see through His eyes. We aren't equipped to say who's going to heaven and who isn't. Even the Church herself, when canonizing a very holy person, goes through a long exhaustive process of examining that person's life, and actually awaiting miracles as a sign from God that this very holy person is actually in Heaven. (Fr Peter Towsley, Vicar for Evangelization Diocese of Bridgeport, CT)

Virtue = Strength, 
Lou Judd 

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