A Challenge to all Christians


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Click here for the full script on how to do the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout.

John Chick, a professional football player for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL, has been a real leader for the charge to bring others closer to Christ this Lent by praying the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout.

He recently did the workout with some of his clients at his crossfire gym and at the end of it challenged all Christians to give it a try.

He has also reached out to numerous professional athletes, schools and teams and it is really starting to take off.

Schools from all over the USA and Canada are taking the challenge.

How about you?

Please send us your videos and photos.

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Click on the image to view the workout John Chick did at his gym.


For the exercises you can choose really whatever you'd like.

There are seven weeks in Lent from February 10 - March 25. If you do the workout each week and every week you challenge 3 different schools ...

As the "Ice Bucket Challenge" went viral, we are hoping this will as well.

Reach out to your fellow competitors and talk to them about the workout and then challenge them. Have your athletes do the same.

Make a short 10 second video and then share everything on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... so the word gets out. Ask parents and family members to share.

Our goal is to have every Catholic school possible do the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout by the end of Lent.

When you share on Twitter please tag us @SportsLeaderusa

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Click on the image to watch a sample workout complete with reflections.