Coach Robert Ervin - Humbling and Powerful Testimonial


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Humbling and powerful.

This testimonial is from the head wrestling coach at Union County High School in Western KY.

This is his 8th State Championship and 3rd in 5 years.

He is Catholic and hopes to be able to come to the SportsLeader conference in March.


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Virtue = Strength, 
Lou Judd 


Union County HS Wrestling Team after their 2016 State Championship. Coach Robert Ervin is front row far right in suit and tie bent down.


Dear Lou,

I wanted to share my teams journey with the Sports Leader program this season and the profound impact that it had on my coaching staff, wrestlers and parents. I want to start off by saying that winning is not only very important to me but also to my team and coaches; however, I firmly believe that if you do not do things the right way and that you run your program with the win at all cost attitude, you fail as a coach.

At the end of last season, I felt I needed to step back and reevaluate my coaching style. I struggled when I attempted to answer this question, Am I doing everything in my power to help my student athletes learn the skills to be better men once they leave the Union County wrestling program? The answer was no and I turned to prayer for help. I prayed for God’s guidance, direction and wisdom to make the right decisions for our program. After some prayer, I came across the Sports Leader program and I knew instantly that this was something I wanted to include in my program for the upcoming season.

With your help I began to organize our team’s first Father/Son singlet ceremony. During the process, which was sometimes painful, it forced me to help several of our wrestling families work through issues that had been very difficult for them to talk about openly. Although it was very time consuming it gave me the opportunity to not only grow closer to my athletes but also to their families. The night of our Father/Son ceremony was probably the most memorable experience of my coaching career. The fathers (or father figures) did a spectacular job speaking to their sons. The theme was for each father to let their sons know how much they loved, respected and believed in them. I must say that there were many tears and emotions flying around the room that evening due to the positive affirmation that each father shared with their son.

In December, we held our Letters to Mom ceremony. Once again, the event was spectacular! I know that everyone in that room left with a new sense of commitment to each other. I believe those two events changed the entire attitude of our team. We became a family, a community. When our guys went out on the mat they were not only competing for themselves they were competing for each other. I’ve been coaching for 13 years and have had the good fortune of being part of many State Championship teams. I must say that this year’s State Title was much more fulfilling for me as a coach because I felt that our program really made a positive impact on the lives of our wrestlers and their families.

Thanks so much for your guidance and support throughout this process.


Coach Robert Ervin 
Union County Wrestling

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