Ceremony Unites Families & Teams



SportsLeader has four pillars: Virtue, Mentoring, Ceremony and Catholic Identity.

Each pillar has an essential role to play integrating the SportsLeader system into the reality of team sports. Each has the power to make the team experience so much more than just the x's and o's.

We were recently blessed to participate in the Louisville Trinity High School Baseball Father-Son Jersey Ceremony. To get a view of what that ceremony is and can do, please watch the video.

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Steve Tompkins, the Dad in the video, is the Director of Sports Ministry at Trinity and a former baseball coach himself.

I don't think he or his son will ever forget this moment.

He has been key in helping all of the coaches at Trinity.

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We were blessed to have Dr Santiago Perez de Camino, the Vatican Director of the Office of Church and Sport, participate with us in the event.

He addressed the Dads and the young men at the end encouraging them to never forget this moment or take if for granted.

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Exceptional leaders have a system. 
The @sportsleaderusa system will transform you, your team, your school, your diocese.

Virtue = Strength, 
Lou Judd