How One School Has Changed Lives


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In less than one year, Seton LaSalle Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, PA has made an incredible impact in the lives of so many by partnering with SportsLeader.

Watch the video to find out more.

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The video was created by Kisker Productions.

Principal Lauren Martin and Director of Sports Ministry Kathy Wray have done an amazing job integrating the SportsLeader pillars of virtue, mentoring, ceremony and Catholic Identity into the whole fabric of athletics throughout the school.

They recently presented at our Director of Sports Ministry Conference. To view the pdf of their presentation click on the image below

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This past weekend they held their first ever SportsLeader Coaches Appreciation Dinner. It is one of the numerous offerings within our ceremony pillar.

Fr Ken Marlovits, chaplain of the school, shared three inspiring stories from when he was a high school wrestling coach before he was ordained to the priesthood.

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Athletes served as waiters and baby sitters, while coaches and their spouses were treated to an excellent meal, two short talks and some social time.

Each coach also received a gift and a package of thank you notes from players and parents.

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Virtue = Strength, 
Lou Judd