Indianapolis Colts Right Tackle Joe Reitz


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We were blessed to have Indianapolis Colts Right Tackle Joe Reitz join the Roncalli High School football team for the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout recently.

The video is his talk to the team after the workout which he sweat through to honor our Lord with them. Please consider showing this to all your athletes.

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Joe went around the room introducing himself to guys little by little in between each station as Head Coach Bruce Scifres led the workout.

This is a great example of what a Director of Sports Ministry could do for your diocese and school ... help make the event happen by connecting a pro athlete with a team, introduce, let the coach lead the ministry, step back and film, take photos and serve.

This is integrating the SportsLeader four-pillar system of virtue, mentoring, ceremony and Catholic Identity all into one event within the team. They were going to workout anyway. This is a concrete way of we can help enhance it.

I can only imagine the impact Joe had on every young man that afternoon as he sweat with them, shared his story with them and then left them by telling them he needed to hurry home so he could make it to Mass with his wife and kids.

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The more we can help our young people grow closer to Christ through the platform of sports, the more we are accomplishing our mission within Catholic school athletics.

Virtue = Strength, 
Lou Judd