Where Our Focus Should Be


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We recently studied two different Archdioceses in the USA.

Both of them had similar stats.

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Now let's look at the opportunity that team sports presents within each of those Archdioceses.

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We are in no way trying to downplay the importance of parish youth ministry. Our team is involved in it as well and our children participate.

But this can no longer be the sole focus if we want to reach the most souls for Christ.

If you look at the site catholicjobs.com/category/youth-ministry you find over 60 current job listings. Not one of them is focused on sports.

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This is painful to hear but if youth ministry was the pizza business of the Catholic Church, we would currently employ 90 people to oversee the salad and no one to oversee the pizza.

To say that we don't have the time, money or personnel is akin to the pizza CEO saying we don't have the time, money or personnel to manage the pizza.

The greatest numbers of our youth are playing sports. That is where our focus should be.

This is why SportsLeader is focused on the Director of Sports Ministry Initiative.

Please consider partnering with us to more effectively reach the young people in your diocese, in your school, in your organization.

God bless you.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd