State Championship with Virtue


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Clarksville Indiana Our Lady of Providence High School Baseball team won it's first baseball state championship this past season. It was also the first boys state championship in school history.

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Jay Lorenz’s squeeze bunt scored pinch runner Jake Katchur in the bottom of the seventh to give Providence a 7-6 win over top-ranked Central Catholic Saturday evening at Victory Field.

Lafayette Central Catholic was 33-1 going into the game ... having won 7 state titles in their history.

They partnered with SportsLeader this season and it was inspiring to see it all unfold.

Coach Scott Hornung did an amazing job of integrating the SportsLeader four pillar approach into his coaching staff, team and season.

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They started in winter workouts with a pre-season team retreat.

They did the Stations of the Cross workout every week during Lent, even inviting other school programs to join them.

Coach started off every practice and game with the Virtue of the Week, prayer intentions from the players and an intentional focus on how to live that virtue on and off the baseball field that day.

Over the course of the season they also had a father-son jersey ceremony and a letters to Mom ceremony.

Mrs Kelly Wilkinson, Mom of a pitcher on the team said, "Our son has played on so many different teams over the years but we've never been a part of a team that had so much of an intentional focus on virtue and being a leader off the field. There was so much unity and camaraderie amongst the players and the parents. It was just such a joy to be a part of it. Of course, winning the State Championship was icing on the cake."

Parker Graf, a Junior on the team, shared, "Virtue was such a big part of everything we did every day. The season became more about being a great man, than being a great baseball player. The Stations of the Cross workouts were rough. I had never done anything like those before, but I are to love them because I knew they were bringing us closer together as a team and to our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the Cross and we take that for granted so often."

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Coach Hornung said, "As young men I wanted these players to know that there is more to their identity than a baseball player and they are some really good baseball players. They have so many gifts that they have to share with others in the form of a virtuous life and the SportsLeader program allowed me to help them explore these gifts.

The closeness and brotherhood we all felt from being a part of this team was solidified through prayer, good times, laughter, hard work, and faith. Sharing with each other every day allowed us to build a trust and know we have a family here.

Winning it all was such an incredible feeling but our journey to get there was even more incredible and SportsLeader helped us through that journey."

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Coach is now making every effort to bring the SportsLeader program to the whole school.

Every little bit helps, especially when you win the championship by 1 run.

Partner with SportsLeader today.

God bless you!

Virtue = Strength,