Diocese of Harrisburg Partners with SportsLeader



The Diocese of Harrisburg has announced that it will partner with SportsLeader to implement a Catholic virtue-based formation program for coaches.

Harrisburg is the first diocese to incorporate the program as a whole across all of its high schools. “The Diocese uses sport as a context for physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth,” said newly appointed Director of Sports Ministry, Jim Gontis.

“Our partnership with SportsLeader represents a continuation of the great Catholic athletics tradition we have in the diocese in a very intentional way.”

Jim Gontis will be one of our featured speakers at our upcoming conference in November.

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If you would like to learn more about how you can help your diocese create an exciting new partnership to help bring young people closer to Christ using the platform of athletics, please join us at the conference.

Click here to register.

Virtue = Strength, 

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