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Family is one of the most beautiful and powerful aspects of our lives.

The love, memories, experiences, traditions, emotions ... in many instances make us who we are.

The purpose of our third pillar is to strengthen family bonds & enhance team unity.

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We would like to share two video testimonials from the recent all fall sports Cincinnati Purcell Marian High School SportsLeader Letters to Mom Ceremony & a written witness from Head Football Coach/Director of Sports Ministry of 
Cincinnati Archbishop McNicholas High School, Mike Orlando.

Please partner with us to strengthen family.

Virtue = Strength, 
SportsLeader Conference November 15-17-2016

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Our main priority at McNicholas High School is to Attain Full Stature in Christ. For our football program, this means that we will strive to be the best person that we can be and to be passionate about our faith and beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less. We intentionally talk far less about wins and losses than we do about becoming authentic men. Our coaches are transformational not transactional, as they care more about the person than they do about how well that person plays football.

Please do not misunderstand what I am trying to explain. We want to be successful and we want to win like no other. Our expectations are very high, we coach our kids very hard and everyone is held accountable. However, we want to achieve all of this the right way. We all know that our football careers will come to an end, both as players and coaches. However, we hope that what we learn and what we teach through this great game will be passed on for generations.

We believe that there should be alignment from top to bottom. Everything we do is on purpose and with purpose, and this holds true for our ceremonies as well.

SportsLeader Ceremonies allow us to publicly affirm our kids which is critical in our operation. They give our kids permission to show emotion, to speak from heart, and to have an empathetic ear. In short, ceremonies teach our boys how to be an authentic man through consistent, conscientious efforts from all involved.

If the ceremonies were not significant and worth the time and energy, then I guess they would not be called ceremonies. Perhaps they would be called pep rallies, awards banquets or team meals. They would be common and normal. This is not to say that these events are not important, because they are. We do all of them. However, we believe that in order to achieve our ultimate goal, our foundation must be rooted much deeper than common and normal.

We believe that this program is who we are not what we do. Stature is not a tagline or a hashtag or a banner or a tee shirt. Stature is Archbishop McNicholas Football.

Because of this fact, it is important for us to continue to celebrate these ceremonies every year. We have found that the repetition helps solidify our beliefs and fosters formation, for both players and parents. Conducting ceremonies on annual basis not only elevates players’ self-awareness but also strengthens the bonds at the core of our program.

Mike Orlando 
Head Football Coach/Director of Sports Ministry 
Cincinnati Archbishop McNicholas High School

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