A Transformative Season



SportsLeader wants to help schools, parishes and leagues be the witness our world so desperately needs.

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Here is one of the presentations from our first conference.

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A recent example of how a Coach, Director of Sports Ministry and Chaplain can all work together to strengthen the faith of our young people and in the process transform a season.

Director of Sports Ministry encourages Coach to invite their Priest Chaplain to join them at the game.

Priest Chaplain comes to pray with team and watches game.

The next day, walking the halls of the school, the Priest Chaplain goes up to a few players of the team and praises them for a job well done in the victory, telling them how they are blessed with talent and that he in turn was blessed to watch them play because he could witness God's greatness, God's power ... and that he looks forward to watching them play again.

These little conversations were about 30 seconds in length in between classes amidst the noise and chaos of an ordinary high school hallway.

Players were somewhat stunned.

Coach invites Priest Chaplain to practice that afternoon and asks him to a say a few more words to the team.

As Father is talking to the team, a few of the boys are whispering and not paying attention. Star player immediately calls them out and tells them to be quiet and be more respectful. Boys clam up.

After Father is done talking, Star player goes over to talk with Father to thank him for his comments and tell him something he had been struggling with.

Father now celebrates Mass for the team every week and by now 3 boys are having regular spiritual direction-mentoring with Priest Chaplain in addition to Coach.

Their season has been a transformative experience.

They are not just athletes. They are Disciples now. They want their Catholic faith!

This can and should happen in every Catholic school.

Be intentional!

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Dearborn Michigan - SportsLeader Letters to Mom Ceremony

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Our Lady of Providence - SportsLeader Letters to Mom Ceremony


God is calling us to be Disciple- Makers.

Luke 12: 8-9

I tell you, everyone who acknowledges me before others the Son of Man will acknowledge before the angels of God. But whoever denies me before others will be denied before the angels of God.

Many of us fall into a 3rd category: we are quiet. We don't talk about God nor do we deny Him. We keep to ourselves.

When we reach the pearly gates, do we want the Son of Man and the angels of God quiet, keeping to themselves?

If we want in, if we want Heaven, we should start acknowledging our Lord before others ...

Let's encourage and inspire one another.

Virtue = Strength,