SportsLeader Advent Mass Challenge


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SportsLeader would like to invite you to participate in a new challenge this month.

In just a few days, we start the season of Advent.

We would like to encourage all sports teams and extracurricular groups to go to Sunday Mass together every Sunday of Advent.

The four Sundays of Advent this year are: 
November 27th 
December 4th 
December 11th 
December 18th

Then of course, the celebration of the birth of Our Lord is Sunday December 25th.

Our hope is that we can have all our young people and their families attending Mass to honor, praise, thank, celebrate Our Lord those 5 weeks in a row.

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We encourage you to be creative in how you promote this.

Maybe the whole team can go to Mass together each Sunday ... we will go to St Anthony's at 10:30 each week ...

Maybe the whole team goes to a different parish each week: St Benedict on November 27th, Our Lady of Lourdes on December 4th ...

Maybe position groups, small groups, etc can choose ...

PLEASE take a group photo together at Church and email that to us so we can encourage and inspire one another across the country.

PLEASE share your photos and experiences on social media tagging or mentioning it as SportsLeader Advent Mass Challenge.


St. Elizabeth and our Blessed Mother rejoice in the coming birth of Our Lord as depicted in the movie The Nativity Story.


Advent is a wonderful and joyful time of preparation for one of the two greatest events in human history: The Birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Preparation is a huge part of sports. We lift weights, run, hydrate, rest, eat well, stretch, watch film, mentally visualize plays and success ...

Every act of preparation is an integral part of winning, improving, playing to your highest potential.

Our spiritual life, our Catholic Identity is no different.

Let us intentionally prepare to celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior this year as a team.


Please let us know if you plan to participate in the Challenge and share your ideas and initiatives so we help one another.

Please share this with all of your coaches, athletes, family members, friends, alumni, teachers ...

We will continue to send reminders as we get closer.

Virtue = Strength, 

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