One of the Best Homilies Ever


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This homily will move your heart, are you ready?

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Fr John Riccardo, Pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth Michigan, a SportsLeader partner parish, delivers his Midnight Christmas Mass Homily.

Fr. Riccardo shares: 
Jesus was sent to fight for us because we matter to God. 
Describes scenes from the critically acclaimed movie Hacksaw Ridge. 
The Lord has come to pick us up and carry us to safety. 
We should go out and get those who do not see.

As Directors of Sports Ministry and Coaches these words are specifically meaningful to us. We also should continuously pray, "Lord, help me get one more."

Our mission is to use the platform of sports to bring others closer to God.

May our Lord give us the strength and the light to embrace this mission with passion and love this new year.

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Click here to watch the video of the homily.

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