Violence - Virtue - Urgency


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Our world right now is in desperate need of virtue formation.

Especially our young people.

Almost daily we see more and more protests that are ending in violence, name-calling, hatred and further division.

We are losing the capacity to calmly disagree with someone and talk through our differences, respectfully expressing why we believe what we believe.

This is where teaching and coaching our students in virtue is so urgently necessary more so than ever before.

Two of our most newest partner schools, among numerous others, Ann Arbor, MI Father Gabriel Richard High School and Belleville, IL Althoff Catholic High School are taking concrete steps to address this.

They are modifying their class schedule next year to accommodate Virtue periods where all of the students in the school will learn and discuss the SportsLeader Virtue Curriculum.

Maybe you and your school can do the same. Let us know if you need some help.

Let's be part of the solution.

Virtue = Strength,