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There are so many inspiring things happening all over the country through SportsLeader.

Here are some of the most recent.

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Virtue = Strength, 


Seton LaSalle High School 
Pittsburgh, PA

From Meloni DiPietro-Guthoerl 
Head Swim & Dive Coach

SportsLeader has helped. This is the second year and every week, the kids look forward to our SportsLeader prayer and story before practices on Mondays. They always have prayer intentions prepared. I feel that it has also helped bring parents in closer to each other and getting to know the other kids through the ceremonies. It has also helped those kids that don't get much faith education at home or attend church. It's a great extension of our school's philosophy.

We had a special moment this year. It was our Senior Night Recognition for the Rebel Swim & Dive team. Before the meet, I shook hands with the assistant coach, Dave, who I noticed was wearing an orange ribbon. He told me with tears in his eyes that his team is a little emotional today due to 4 days prior their head coach, Steve, had succumbed to a long battle with kidney cancer. I asked if it would be alright that we could do a prayer for their team at the end of the meet. He agreed. After all the kids shook hands with each other after the conclusion of the meet, their team came together in a group as our team surrounded them with hands held and we said an Our Father. As we all looked up, both teams were filled with tears and began hugging. It was an amazing moment for our kids to be able to honor another team by doing prayer for them and witness the power of a simple caring act.

SLS Swim 0024

Trinity High School 
Louisville, KY

Director of Sports Ministry Steve Tompkins helped lead 250 young men and their coaches through the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout as part of their All Spring Sports Retreat.

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St. Theresa 
New Cumberland, PA

The Lady Saints basketball team won back-to-back Harrisburg Diocesan CYO Championships and the State Championship.

IMG 0417

The team went to Mass all together and offered up their game for a very special intention.

“The Ball”

On the eve of the Pennsylvania Catholic Youth organization state championship game, the Lady Saints from St. Theresa gathered in the team room at our hotel with the coaching staff. We passed a ball around and asked each player to write a name of someone on the ball, someone they intended to dedicate their play to on the next day in the biggest game of their young lives.

We had been through the Sports Leader ceremonies such as Uniforms with Dads and Letters to Moms. We had been to a Harrisburg (PA) Diocesan-wide Rosary Rally and this past Christmas week had hosted our own Rosary Rally for all of the CYO players in our parish. But this ceremony was uniquely ours. Each player thoughtfully considered who they would choose and carefully wrote on the ball. When the last player was finished, we sent them off to bed. As the coaches read the names on the ball, we were touched, we smiled, and we wondered at the waters that run deep in our young ladies. Inspired by the players, we each wrote names on the balls ourselves.

The following morning as the players gathered in the lobby to wait for the time to board the bus to the game, the pre-game tension was mounting. An idea struck me so I directed the players to return to the team room one last time. I took “the ball” out of my bag and began to pass it, one by one, to each player and asked them in turn to tell everyone whose name they had written on the ball and why. There were multiple dedications to Mom & Dad and Grams and Grand Dads for all they do. There was a dedication to a deceased grandpa who was a basketball coach but had passed away before ever getting to see his granddaughter play. There was a dedication to the Lady Saints “Legacy”, all the players who had come before and all those who would follow who make up a much bigger whole, a family of Lady Saints players that stretches over generations. One player dedicated her play to her favorite uncle, her father’s twin, who had been killed several years ago. Another for an uncle who had succumbed to ALS but left a lasting impression on his niece with the courage he showed while enduring his illness. Our favorite was a two-fer, Jesus and Steph Curry. The player who wrote this explained she listed Jesus because, well, He’s Jesus after all. She listed Curry because before the season she wasn’t sure she was going to try out for the team. She wasn’t sure she was good enough. A friend sent her an inspirational video about Steph Curry and how he came from humble beginnings and it encouraged her to take the chance. Now, here she was on the brink of the state championship game.

We shed tears in that room and we shared laughter and somewhere along the way the tension disappeared. When we finally did board the bus, we had a renewed sense of purpose. There was so much grace that poured forth for us during the four days at the state tournament, it was just amazing. The SportsLeader program ceremonies and our virtue talks prepared us for far more than a game. Competing (and winning) was just a part of a larger experience these kids and we coaches will treasure forever.

Kevin Cicak, Head Coach, St. Theresa Lady Saints

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Clarence Iglesias 

Dear SportsLeader,

Thanks for sharing the Stations of the Cross Workout with my dear friend, Corey Robinson. He shared it with me.

I've been doing this workout on my own, with my children, online with Corey and just today I did it with my brothers of MOTR-Men of The Rock.

MOTR is a group of men of varying ages, varying levels of fitness and a variety of different sport backgrounds. We all believe in Christ. We participate in Faith, Fellowship and Fellowship on a weekly basis. In working out with my brothers today, I was not only able to push myself in fitness. I was able to be motivated by my brothers to do my absolute best and also encourage them. We were able to inspire one another. Through the prayer involved in the workout we were able to reflect on what Jesus did for us. We were reminded about how we should live; how we should not give up even in the most difficult times; and how we should give and share with our fellow brothers and sisters.

The workout that was shared enhanced our Faith, Fitness and Fellowship. Once more, thank you so much for sharing.

Kindest Regards



Corey Robinson 
St Benedict 

I'm doing the Stations of the Cross Workout as a discipleship group for Lent. I hope to have about 15-20 people take part in it. We will do the workout everyday during lent on our own and meet once a week during lent to do it all together in our church auditorium.


Notre Dame Academy 
Toledo, OH

One of our partner schools was voted BEST Private School, BEST High School, & BEST High School Team in Toledo!

Their girls basketball team has made it to the Final Four again. They have quite the tradition of excellence! Here are their Seniors at their SportsLeader Letters to Mom Ceremony.


Our Lady of Providence High School 
Clarksville, IN

The 2016 Indiana Baseball State Champions from Our Lady of Providence have committed to attending Mass together as a team every week during Lent, doing the Stations of the Cross Workout every week and doing a pre-season retreat. God always comes FIRST!


Numerous ceremonies all over the country.

York Catholic, York PA Girls Basketball

St Francis, Sacramento CA, Softball

St Thomas More, Champaign IL Girls Soccer

St Xavier, Cincinnati OH, Rugby

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St Patrick 
Louisville, KY

Isaac Kauffman, a 9 yr old boy and 3 sport athlete, lights candles & prays for others after Mass. Beautiful fruit of a devoted family & coaches!


Sacred Heart Academy 
Louisville KY

Sacred Heart has the tradition of doing all sport Rosary Rallies with all of their teams at the beginning of their different seasons.