Feedback from Sacred Heart Academy


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Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville, KY began partnering with SportsLeader last year.

Since then they have held a pre-season retreat for all of their sports teams at the beginning of each season, a rosary rally for all teams in each season, plus many, many other elements.

We had the opportunity to catch up with two of their coaches: Bob Wheatley and Whitney Collins Thompson.

Bob did a short video and Whitney did an interview.

We hope their feedback inspires you to love your vocation to coach with even more passion, purpose and joy.

May God bless you.

Virtue = Strength 

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Whitney Collins Thompson is the Head Tennis Coach at Sacred Heart Academy.

She recently attended a SportsLeader Rosary Rally with her team and the Sacred Heart Softball team and then they followed that up with a SportsLeader Jersey Ceremony.

Whitney shared how she has integrated the Virtue of the Week into her practices, how the program has helped bring her team closer together and how coaching really lifted her up in the midst of an intense personal suffering.



"On Mondays after the girls do their warm-ups, during the stretching period I read the Virtue PDF and explain how it relates to tennis and the team goals for the week. Every day, we being with a prayer for that virtue and I remind the girls of the definition of the virtue they are focusing on. This helps the team to be focused on something all together which brings out the best in everyone. At the end of each practice, I share the quote of the day which sends the girls off with a positive thought. Receiving the SportsLeader material every week just makes my job that much easier."

Catholic Identity & Ceremony

“The Rosary Rally was a beautiful way to help our girls and their parents come together in a spirit of prayer, community and family. It was an excellent way to center our hearts before the Jersey Ceremony which was so emotional and powerful. Bringing people together in prayer, love and family is always time well spent!"

Coaching - Suffering - Mentoring

“Shortly before I started coaching this year, I suffered a miscarriage. My husband and I have three children and I never really had any of the morning sickness or unfavorable symptoms that you read about through any of the pregnancies so this was a very difficult situation for me. But I quickly found that coaching was a tremendous gift for me. It was a release, an avenue to focus on others, an opportunity to do something healthy and joyful. I’m so grateful that coaching and tennis were able to lift me up in that trying time."

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Sacred Heart Academy Softball and Tennis players at their SportsLeader Rosary Rally.