Amazing Response Helped Coach / Catholic Creativity

We are truly grateful for the tremendous prayer and email response for Coach Darin Fontz.

Darin passed away shortly after our last email was sent.

Your emails were read to him at his bedside and it truly uplifted him. People from all over the country responded, from D1 National Championship Coaches, to Secretaries of Bishops ...

Thank you!

Here is a note from Mary Cavell, the AD and good friend of Coach Fontz:

I was truly overwhelmed last night when I opened my email and saw the tremendous response that your prayer request through SportsLeader had on so many throughout the U.S. The prayers are truly being felt by all and greatly appreciated by Darin, his family and all here at E. D. White Catholic High. If one does not believe in the power of prayer and how the Good Lord weaves His beautiful web of the Mystical Body of Christ through so many lives, this is truly a wonderful example of it.

Thank you for sharing with all on the website. I know that Darin in his humble way would say he did not do much, but even in his suffering he has brought others to prayer and evangelized without even realizing he did.

All of the emails Michelle has and will make into a keep sake for her neice, Lauren, Darin's 10 year old daughter.

God Bless You for your ministry of SportLeader. May our Lord continue to guide and bless you in your work.

Gratefully, Mary

Wristband St Michael FB Photo 2

Here is an inspiring text conversation with a Coach facing some adversity:

Coach: Say a prayer for us - I suspended the lone senior for behavior detrimental to the team - it's definitely caused some adversity and growing pains for us - I know it was the right thing to do but when you make a tough decision typically half are unsatisfied - now I'm trying to help guide them through it

SL: Absolutely. Stick to it. Pray to St Michael and maybe consider getting the kids each a Saint Michael prayer card

Coach: Thanks - will do - you have my wheels turning.

Coach: I am going to make a prayer card so they can see it while they are playing 
I think our man issue is obviously that senior but we are to focused on the outcomes of the game than honoring God by our performance

SL: Awesome idea. Please send the photo inside and out of the armband when you have it. Love it, love it!!!

Coach: I printed them out from a website that provides them for free and laminated them like my play cards. And creative is the virtue!

SL: God be praised and may all these young men grow closer to Him through this adversity. The amazing miracle of the Cross

Coach: Here's the crazy thing, a non catholic kid asked for a prayer card tonight and this happened

May God bless you.

Virtue = Strength