The Casual Catholic Culture

Two of the main pillars of SportsLeader are mentoring and Catholic Identity.

This is an outstanding video from Father Rob Ketcham, the chaplain of Saint John the Baptist Diocesan High School in New York, geared for high school students on up.

He shares how we need to create-inspire-encourage a culture of relationship with Jesus for all of our teachers, students, coaches, parents.

"I go to the high school every day and I serve there and most of the faculty or staff are kind of like wrestling with the faith or some are away from the Church all together and most of the students in the school are away from the Church, they’re from homes who don’t go to Church every Sunday, you kidding me, if we have 10% of our school going to Mass on Sunday that would be awesome …

I live in relationship with these people in the school every day, I love them. So after 4.5 years of living there I feel like I can share something of my experience."

2 Huge Game-changers:

1. Visit our Lord in the Chapel
2. Adoration
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We need to help everyone to grow closer to Jesus in their walk of faith.

Our happiness depends on it.

Virtue = Strength,