The Impact of a Coach

Matthew Kelly and the The Dynamic Catholic Institute have researched and found that 85% of youth who are Confirmed no longer practice the faith seven years after their Confirmation.

So if you have 1,000 children at your parish or school … according to these stats we can expect only 150 of them to live and practice their Catholic faith as adults.

If you have 400 children … 60 will practice their faith as adults …

If these stats play out, we will need to close half of the parishes in the USA within a few years.

If we keep doing things the same way, these stats will probably become reality.

But we have a great source of hope: Sports.

So many of our kids are playing sports at Catholic schools and parishes.

Here is an email our President and Co-Founder Paul Passafiume recently received from a former athlete who played football for him five years ago.

Coach Passafiume, who was a head coach for 23 years, was instrumental along with coaches around the country in the creation and development of the SportsLeader system. SportsLeader is the only sports ministry program that was developed by coaches for coaches.

Paul was extremely intentional about our four pillars of virtue, mentoring, ceremony and Catholic Identity and it has made a tremendous difference in the lives of the young men who played for him.

If we teach our coaches HOW to integrate SportsLeader more effectively, we can change the narrative and help the Catholic Church grow instead of shrinking.

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Coach P, this is M.C. and I was on the 2013 St Agnes Football team. I got back yesterday from the Senior Wilderness Retreat. I've been on two retreats in HS and this one has been the most beneficial for me.

While I was on the retreat, we would have hikes throughout the Red River Gorge and one day we had a 4 mile hike that we did in complete silence. Following that silent hike, we were given time on Gray's Arch to find a space wherever we wanted excluded from everyone else.

During the hike and my time alone, I had a lot of time to think about my life and some of the relationships I've had. Of course my dad came to mind immediately and I thought of the times when he was sick and eventually passed away due to Liver Cancer. I then thought of you and the St. Agnes football team.

And although I think you already know how much you did for me, I realized I never actually thanked you for getting me through the tough process. Because of you, I knew what a man was and what a man had to do. My mom had the toughest time with my dad's loss but never showed it, but I knew that I had to be strong for her.

Looking back, I don't think I would have gotten through the tough times if it wasn't for you. You gave me faith when I was at rock bottom and I started to question if there was a God. But I got through it, and you were the main reason for it. Thank you Coach!


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