Why is Catholic Identity one of the four pillars of SportsLeader?

Why is Catholic Identity one of the four pillars of SportsLeader?

The beauty of the Catholic Church is different, it is “other”, it is unique.

So is being a Champion.

The Champion is not like any other team. They are different, “other”, unique.

As a team, do you want to be like every other team? Or do you want to be the only one left standing at the end of the season?

You want to be the Champion, right?

Our Catholic faith, liturgy, traditions and prayers are different because they point us to the Eternal, the “other world”, “the end of the season”.

As we play our sport we don’t just focus on “winning” the regular season … our hearts, hopes and dreams are about winning the post season.

Our faith, our prayers, our going to Church, our sacrifices are not about this life, the regular season, they should be focused on reaching eternal life with God in Heaven - “the post season”.

If we are a coach at a Catholic school or parish and we are not helping our athletes get excited about the real post season, eternal life, we are cheating them of THE priceless treasure.

Let’s get our athletes excited, passionate, dedicated and focused on winning this season and the Championship to come.

SUGGESTION: Pray with the other team at the end of the game.


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