In researching and communicating with bishops, priests, superintendents, administrators, teachers, and coaches from our partner schools nationwide, we’ve been fortunate to discover new ideas on how to better provide our virtue formation training and how to meet the needs of your communities. The response to these ideas has been overwhelmingly positive, and after reflection and prayer, our board of directors has decided on some exciting improvements.

As you may know, the SportsLeader program, which has primarily been devoted to virtue formation through athletics, has tested an expanded model to serve an entire school, parish, and/or community. Prior to the current pandemic, we had intended to launch this expanded program this August, but unfortunately, we have been forced to delay this entire launch until the start of the 2021 school year. We are now excited to announce that we are transitioning the program in this direction. 

This new program will have a new yet familiar name: Virtue=Strength. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback that Virtue=Strength is an enhancement to the SportsLeader program, yet separate as it is designed to be used by teachers and staff across the entire student body. 

We are developing numerous resources that will be available over the course of the year with a new website and other graphics to be fully launched later in 2021. A few examples of our new resources are:

-        Virtues to be delivered as monthly themes and then reinforced with additional content every week during each month.

-        Some new all school ceremony and Catholic identity content that will reinforce the virtue curriculum.

-        There is much more, and we are confident that you will see the impact this fall and in a much bigger way once we are able to fully implement the entire full school program in fall of 2021. 

-        Gospel Reflections geared for teachers and parents to help strengthen and unite your communities.


We can partner with you to provide curriculum, training, consulting and best practices.



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