SportsLeader is a Catholic virtue-based formation program for coaches of all ages.

Our four pillars are: Virtue, Mentoring, Ceremony and Catholic Identity.

It is for boys, girls, young men and young women. It is for schools and teams

who are interested in a structured, intentional and specific method and curriculum to help teach virtue. 

It is flexible, easy to implement and is designed for the coach to integrate into their practice schedule. 

We can customize the program for your needs.

The four pillars of our program are: Virtue, Mentoring, Ceremony and Catholic Identity.

We have many other traditions, activities and events for those interested in more.


Director of Sports Ministry Initiative


We recommend that every Catholic school / parish name a person who would be Director of Sports Ministry.

This does not need to be a new hire. It can be a teach-coach who is already employed at the school and one who especially would choose to take this on as part of their employment.

The idea would be to give this person at least one or two school periods a week, or one each day if possible where they could dedicate themselves to working with the coaches at their school.

The ultimate objective is to provide an exceptional athletic experience for all of its athletes in the areas of: Virtue, Mentoring, Ceremony and Catholic Experiences.

This person will make a considerable effort to: Communicate, Train, Inspire, Hold Accountable … their coaches, both head coaches and assistants.


SportsLeader can partner with you to provide curriculum, training, consulting and best practices.



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